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FRP sculpture: Unexpectedly everywhere in life?


What is FRP Sculpture?

  Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) sculpture, i.e., sculpture artwork made of FRP as the main material. The main components of FRP are glass fibers and resins, Baidu Encyclopedia defines as generally refers to the use of glass fibers reinforced with unsaturated polyester, epoxy resins and phenolic resins matrix, glass fibers or their products as reinforcing materials for reinforced plastics.


  It is precisely because of its lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy molding and many other advantages, as well as its durability and design versatility, it is favored by more and more artists and sculpture artisans. The high quality materials ensure that the sculpture will last for years, making it an excellent investment for clients who want to beautify public spaces or private collections. (To learn about the raw materials of FRP sculpture, please click here to view the article)

How to do that?

  The process of making fiberglass sculptures requires a lot of effort, time and creativity. It is also a multi-step process that requires precise attention to detail, agile artistic creativity, and specialized technical skills.

  It all starts with the design of the sculpture. Design is the soul of sculpture, which determines the artistic style, theme and form of sculpture.

  Designers need to conduct in-depth research and analysis according to the needs of customers and the environment of the site, so as to determine the theme, form, size and other key elements of the sculpture.

  Fiberglass reinforced plastic sculpture production process combines modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, the production of diversified and a variety of procedures. 

  Through the sculpture modeling 3D prints, mold production, molding, internal skeleton iron parts production, internal skeleton iron parts welding molding, built-in skeleton iron parts alignment, FRP embryo film test fitting, surface texture carving/surface painting and other steps to complete.

  Making molds is the key to sculpture molding, which requires producers to have rich experience and exquisite craftsmanship.

  If the shape is not rigorous, thin air lofting, do not take the form of computer lofting or 3D modeling for sculpture; look for cheap temporary guerrilla teams; lack of understanding of factory products, customer and product requirements digestion is not thorough enough; out of the product will lead to disproportion, modeling and drawing discrepancies, resulting in substandard sculpture products out.

  CXH hired a long-term professional academy of Fine Arts sculpture master, in accordance with the sculpture standards for sculpture modeling. Then select the sculpture material according to the shape, such as: clay, foam, wood plastic, GRC, sponge, metal and other materials that meet the product requirements to shape.

  The traditional practice in the industry is to quickly seek benefits by dividing the mold drawing, do not develop the standard method of product molding, and freely separate the mold, resulting in the destruction of details in the molding process of the product, and there are obvious differences between the finished product and the sculpture draft. CXH formulates the standard mold making scheme and standardizes the workshop to implement it according to the standard.

  The internal skeleton iron parts are made by CXH according to the in-depth design drawing of the early production and skeleton production drawing, etc., and the internal steel structure of the product is made according to the drawings.Finally, the whole product is tested, that is, the FFRP embryonic film is tested, and the surface texture is carved and painted after the trial is completed. Finally complete the production of a product. Finally, the finished product and the design manuscript can be restored one-to-one.

  To sum up, FRP sculpture, as a new form of sculpture, brings more artistic atmosphere and practical value to all walks of life involved with its unique materials and processes.

  Huizhou Chuangxinhong Creative Production Co., Ltd. as a professional sculpture production enterprise, always adheres to customer needs as the guidance, pays attention to the combination of artistic and practical sculpture.

  We have a wealth of fiberglass sculpture production experience and technical strength, committed to providing customers with high quality fiberglass sculpture works and professional services.

  In the future development, we will continue to innovate and explore, will continue to be committed to the research and development and production of glass fiber sculpture, and contribute their own strength to the sculpture industry. Let's look forward to more wonderful FRP sculptures in the future!

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