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Commercial Street Art Exhibition

CXH is one of the famous China Commercial Street Art Exhibition manufacturer and supplier. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of Commercial Street Art Exhibition. We stick to the principal of quality orientation and customer priority, we sincerely welcome your letters, calls and investigations for business cooperation. We assure you of our high quality services at all time.

Our company's Commercial Street Art Exhibition include Artistic Leisure Chair, giant sculptures and Artistic Flower Pot.

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  • urban sculpture, but also creative design, and commercial art. The installation was designed with full consideration of the surrounding environment and local culture, using colorful fossils, jujube trees, jujube and other elements, and created through diversified processes, adding more artistic atmosphere to local tourism characteristics and public art installations.

  • Light And Shadow Art Installation is an art installation that integrates lighting, projection and control system. It uses lighting technology and steel structural metal to integrate the artistic elements of light, color and space, aiming to bring the audience an immersive visual experience. Light And Shadow Art Installations can be used not only as part of art exhibitions, but also as unique decorations for commercial venues, public Spaces and event sites.

  • Xiaopeng Automobile Model products refer to all kinds of automobile model products built based on Xiaopeng Automobile. Xiaopeng Automobile is a manufacturer of new energy vehicles. This Xiaopeng Automobile Model product is based on Xiaopeng P7 as the prototype, using modular, digital, the use of diversified production technology and other high-tech means to produce this unique product. The Xiaopeng Automobile Model was used at the Shanghai International Auto Show and received good feedback. In short, Xiaopeng Automobile Model products through its exquisite production process and high-tech means, for the majority of car enthusiasts to provide a more intuitive and vivid way of car model display.

  • The Shopping Mall Artistic Leisure Chair 2 is designed and produced by the innovative Hong with more than 20 years of product production experience, with a unique shape, the representative characteristics of innovation and aesthetics, the bold use of bright colors, is the perfect combination of fashion and leisure, is the perfect combination of art space and practical use.

  • This Fruit and Vegetable Leisure Chair 2 takes fresh fruit and vegetable shapes as design inspiration, combined with special customized services, so that you have a different product experience. The factory's direct operation guarantees the quality and affordability of the products, so that you can choose this unique chair with confidence. It can not only adorn your interior space as an art installation, but also serve as a comfortable Leisure chair for you to relax.

  • CXH is a original manufacturer specializing in the production of Shopping Mall Artistic Leisure Chair. CXH is a original manufacturer specializing in the production of FRP sculptures. Shopping mall artistic leisure chair is a sculpture of our FRP sculptures. Hope to build business relationship with you.

CXH is one of professional Commercial Street Art Exhibition manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our high quality, fashion and durable Commercial Street Art Exhibition is not only made in China, but also have low price. Welcome to our factory buy and wholesale customized products. We have quotation and discount.
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