Huizhou CXH Culture & Creative Fabrication Co., Ltd.


CXH is one of the famous China Sculpture manufacturer and supplier. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of Sculpture.

Our company's sculptures include metal sculptures, giant sculptures, stainless steel sculptures, film and television character sculptures, and other sculptures.

Our Sculpture artwork is a breathtaking art piece that showcases skilled craftsmanship. The artwork is made from high-quality metal, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting. The sculpture is a stunning piece of artwork that adds charm, elegance, and timeless beauty to any room it’s placed in.

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  • The Kungfu Panda Sculpture is made of high-quality materials with exquisite craftsmanship. It vividly restores the images of various characters in the Kungfu Panda movie and shows the characteristics and personalities of all characters. The protagonist comes from the cute animal image of the panda and combines the elements of traditional Chinese martial arts culture to create and design, which can fully reflect the charm of Eastern culture.

  • Asian Games Figurine Sculpture products are designed to celebrate the Asian Games, the product is made of high-quality materials, the appearance of cute, profound meaning, it has high cultural value and commemorative significance, often placed in large stadiums, large shopping malls and other open areas.

  • Bell Girl long-term Sculpture Installation by more than 20 years of creative production experience Chuang Xinhong follow up the production and installation, the use of imported materials, to create a unique work, to serve domestic and foreign high-end customers. Usually placed in large squares, large shopping malls and other open areas, outdoor placement for 20 years is not a problem.

  • CXH is a manufacturer of Beads Stainless Steel Sculpture. The production materials of beaded stainless steel sculptures are all selected from 304 stainless steel. The floor uses marble. It is an iconic building. There will be no quality problems for 20 years outdoors. CXH specializes in custom production of fiberglass sculptures, metal sculptures, wood art sculptures, etc. As long as there is a design concept, our company can bring it to life according to the design. As the saying goes, "There's nothing you can imagine that we can't create."

  • CXH is China manufacturers & suppliers who mainly produces Large-scale Metal Sculpture with 20 years of experience. Hope to build business relationship with you. We offer customized solutions based on client-provided designs, and we can also take charge of designing proposals.

CXH is one of professional Sculpture manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our high quality, fashion and durable Sculpture is not only made in China, but also have low price. Welcome to our factory buy and wholesale customized products. We have quotation and discount.
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