Huizhou CXH Culture & Creative Fabrication Co., Ltd.

Honor Certificate

1. The company passed the official certification of Disney in 2012 and became the designated manufacturer in Greater China
2. The governing unit of the Furnishing Art Professional Committee
3. China Architectural Culture Research Association·Display Art Professional Committee
4. Member unit of Commercial Beauty Chen Alliance of China Interior Decoration Association

1. Excellent quality
The company is never sloppy in materials, and always uses international or local first-line brand materials. The company uses: DSM resin (a century-old European chemical company), glass fiber from Jushi Group (the world's largest fiber producer), and Aksu accessories (a century-old British chemical company). The production team are professionals with years of experience.

2. Professional
Our company is an integrated enterprise integrating art design, creative production, product production and landing installation, with a professional design team and engineering technical team

3. Powerful Technology We have our own factory and have been deeply involved in the creative sculpture industry for more than fifteen years.

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