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What is the material of FRP in FRP sculpture?


The application of FRP is very wide, can be seen everywhere in daily life, a variety of large FRP sculptures, shopping mall seats, a variety of shapes of animals, people, and parks and other scenes can be seen. When we see this product, we may think why it is not a plastic sculpture but a fiberglass sculpture?

RP, also known as FRP, is a composite material, in essence it is still a plastic, but it is different from ordinary plastic, it is glass fiber reinforced plastic. Glass fiber reinforced plastic is mainly composed of glass fiber and resin, which generally refers to the reinforced plastic with glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin matrix, and glass fiber or its products as reinforcement materials.

FRP by virtue of its characteristics in the sculpture of the finished product type exclusive head.

First: It has a high tensile strength and stiffness, making it a lightweight but tough structural material, relative to metal, suitable for applications where structural burdens need to be reduced.

Second, ERP has excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, which can resist the erosion of materials by chemicals, water, atmospheric conditions and high temperature environment.

Third: FRP is an electrical insulation material, which can be used in industries that need insulation, and is currently used most in various manufacturing industries.

Fourth: you can flexibly design a variety of structural products according to needs to meet the requirements of use, which can make the product have a good integrity, providing the freedom of design, free imagination and free customization.

Fifth: The use of transparent resin has transparency, and can be designed into a transparent structure for products that need light transmission but have strength.

FRP has been widely used in decorative architecture, home furniture, advertising display, art installation, craft gifts, film and television props, large-scale sculpture, commercial beauty, garden engineering and other related industries, and deeply praised, become one of our company's main product materials.

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