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Funko company delegation to visit our factory strength show attention


Recently, a delegation from Funko, a well-known toy company in the United States, visited our factory, which attracted wide attention. Funko, as the world's leading toy manufacturer, visited our company this time to deeply understand our production strength and product quality, and to discuss future cooperation opportunities.

During the visit, the Funko delegation visited each production link of our company and eight production workshops for a detailed review, including packaging area, fiberglass area, warehouse area, grinding area, metal area, woodworking area, paint area, assembly area, etc., and gave high praise to our company's production process and strict quality management system. The delegation said that they were impressed by the production process and product quality of our company and believe that our company has the potential for deep cooperation with Funko.

The relevant person in charge of our company said that the visit of the Funko delegation is a recognition of the strength and quality of our company, and also an affirmation of our company in the industry. Our company will continue to uphold the spirit of excellence craftsman, constantly improve product quality and innovation ability, and carry out more cooperation with international well-known brands to jointly promote the development of the industry.

After the visit, the Funko delegation said that it will continue to maintain close contact with our company to explore more in-depth cooperation plans in the future. The two sides will work together to bring more and better products to consumers and jointly create a better future for the market.

Huizhou Chuangxinhong Creative Production Co., Ltd. will, as always, be committed to technological innovation and product quality improvement, and carry out more cooperation with international well-known brands to provide customers with better products and services.

Thanks for Funko's presence and look forward to win-win cooperation in the future.

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