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May Day Holiday Notice


To create CXH all staff

May Day International Labor Day is approaching, according to the "General Office of the State Council announced the 2024 holiday arrangement", combined with the actual situation of the company and shift situation, now the 2024 May Day holiday arrangement notice is as follows:

1, The holiday from May 1 to May 4, 2024, a total of 4 days off, May 5 (Sunday) normal work. April 28 (Sunday) for shift, need to work as normal.

1. The production department has a two-day holiday from May 1 to May 2 (the kitchen does not open meals). On May 3, the heads of all departments are requested to consciously arrange corresponding personnel to work according to the needs of the production order, ensure that the order can be delivered on time, and report the number of employees to the administration Department contact group in order to arrange meals.

2. During the holiday, please all departments do a good job of security protection, fire prevention and anti-theft investigation before the holiday, office personnel must turn off all office appliances during the holiday, and cut off the power supply

3. When traveling or visiting relatives, please pay attention to personal and property safety, keep your mobile phone on to ensure that you can contact them at any time.

Wish you all a happy holiday!

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