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The creative making of the garden makes the garden beautiful


Garden creative production is an art that gradually improves with the development of The Times and is more in line with people's needs. Landscape art design includes sculpture design and production, landscape engineering design, stone building mountain production, theme park design, etc. All artistic creative production design should be based on the requirements of people and the actual environmental conditions appropriate changes to create unique design works.

With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the development of landscape architecture sketch has shown the following trends

Meet people's behavioral and psychological needs. People are the main body of the landscape environment and the users of the landscape architecture sketch. Therefore, in the design of landscape architecture sketch, we must first understand the behavior characteristics of people, that is, the basic scale and behavior pattern of the human body. Everyone's habits and interests are different, taking into account the requirements of people's actions, but also taking into account the individual's personal, comfort and other requirements. Therefore, in the design and application of landscape architecture pieces, we should adhere to the principle of people-oriented, comprehensive consideration of human behavior characteristics, psychological requirements.

We often see vulgar and eccentric things on the streets, and every park or institution on the block is as lofty as a ball.

The second stage: The sculpture produced by the rigorous Academy modeling training is a training that emphasizes character modeling. Afraid of losing the real styling tradition of orthodox styling, absorbing the experimental spirit of change after modernism, always presenting the taste of groceries and compromise.

The third stage: The creative production of garden sculpture is the artistic expression of the overall garden design preparation scheme, and the integration of scenery into a truly successful work, giving full play to the dragon point eye effect, adapting to the surrounding environment, and taking sculpture as the main axis.

According to the style of the courtyard, the carving materials are also varied, among which stone statues are widely used. The theme of the garden is generally carved in bronze, and the landmark is generally carved in stainless steel, ice and snow. The Northeast garden is a unique sculpture art in winter.

The creative production of modern garden creates a rich and permanent landscape in a limited space, which is full of the aesthetic psychology of the audience. The excellent sculpture art at all times and at home and abroad is a cultural form. It is a cultural tradition with humanistic connotation and far-reaching artistic influence of the Chinese nation, the development and use of traditional cultural resources has the important significance of promoting the development of modern Chinese garden sculpture art, is the progress of The Times and artistic development, sculpture is not environmental decoration and decoration, but the integration of modern landscape design.

Garden creative production is an ideal place for harmonious coexistence of man and nature. In the limited space to create a rich and sustained landscape to meet the aesthetic psychological requirements of the audience. In the history of landscape design, modeling has always played an important role. Landscape modeling is an environmental art between painting and architecture. Its performance needs to be offset and increased.

In traditional gardens, sculpture mostly appears in decorative forms. With the development of The Times and the development of art, modeling is not only the decoration and decoration of the environment, but also the integration of modern landscape design. It's a whole new way of making landscapes. The internal "form" of the environment is the visual center and focus of landscape art.

The creative production of sculpture is mainly through the visual effect on the three-dimensional shape of the human heart, even if it belongs to the sculpture, that is to say, the building and the surrounding environment play a decorative role. When people appreciate sculpture, first of all, they should highly evaluate the significance and artistic impact of the excellent shape of sculpture form and stylistic language on people
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