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Nature's creative making


The water brings nutrients, and the precipitation of nutrients fertilizes the soil, giving birth to a large number of animals and plants, providing them with places to live and roost. Biological activity in turn balances the quality of the water and soil environment. These three elements complement each other, so there are many landscape creative productions.

Ecological maintenance function

Natural wetlands play an important role in atmospheric regulation, water regulation, purification and regulation of local microclimates, flood control and water storage.

Biodiversity conservation function

About half of the 40 species of birds under national protection live in wetlands. Wetlands play an important role in preserving biodiversity and are the gene pool of the planet.

Aesthetic value function

The special environment of wetland creates its complete natural landscape, and the rhythm, rhythm and level reflected by it are an important part of the study of natural aesthetics.

Reduce external influences on its interior by creating isolation and buffers; The original community composition and original elements were analyzed, so as to establish reasonable ecological landscape structure and restore and protect wetland ecosystem.

In a small environment, create space, light, color and landscape suitable for the human body. In the environment, it is mainly reflected in reducing the impact of human activities on the wetland system, and reasonably restoring the proportion and area between various elements of the wetland ecosystem.
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